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Fuzzy Fabric, a leading wholesale ribbon, bulk tulle fabric, deco poly mesh, organza table runners, chair sashes, party favors manufacturer and supplier in online. Lakhs of happy customers celebrating their holidays, festivals, events with FuzzyFabric’s high quality decorative products around the world. Our ribbons used for hair and cheer bows, gift wrap, gift bags, tissue, gift card holders and floral packaging products. Fuzzy has more then 20 hubs worldwide to deliver craft products in retail and wholesale basis. We are able to satisfy the needs of all customers seeking decorative ribbon and packaging for all events, occasions like wedding, valentine’s day, Christmas, halloween and more.

Fuzzyfabric’s headquartered and warehouse located in California, United States of America. Our wholesale service began in the mid of 2008 with a focus on manufacturing a ribbon product in States. We later expanded our service in online with a more products like tulle fabric, grosgrain, satin, floral deco mesh, organza table runners, wedding supplies and wholesale fabrics and gift bags and pouches.

Currently we are the leading wholesale tulle fabric suppliers in online. Delivering high quality tulle fabrics at cheap prices to our wholesale buyers across the world. Order fuzzyfabric’s discounted premium quality products in online for your special occasions, events. We are here to deliver products with happiness.

Our Products:

Christmas Wired Ribbon Wholesale

Buy Christmas Wired Ribbon in Wholesale – FuzzyFabric:

Fuzzyfabric offers large collections of wired ribbons at cheap rates across the world. Here you can buy specialty ribbons at wholesale (or) retail cost depends on your requirements. Generally ribbons used for all kind of festival decorations like Christmas tree decorations, wreath decorations and gift wraps, etc.,

Bulk Christmas Ribbons

Bulk Christmas Ribbons

Coming to the Christmas tree decorations, it is a real challenge but it makes complete pleasure from our ribbons. Our wired Christmas ribbon looks cool to view and it is easier to decorate trees, wreaths, more.,

Sample Christmas wreath decorations.,

Christmas Wreath Ribbons

Christmas Wreath Ribbons

Christmas Wreath Ribbons

Christmas Wreath Ribbons

Christmas Wreath Ribbons Santa

Christmas Wreath Ribbons Santa

Now order Christmas ribbons online from FuzzyFabric and get a huge discount. We are the leading wholesale ribbon supplier in USA. FuzzyFabric aims to deliver bulk Xmas ribbon orders to anywhere in the world at cheap price for this year Christmas 2015.

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Make your festival charming and colorful.

Happy Merry Christmas 2015!

Valentines Day: Ribbons – Infographics


Celebrate The Valentine’s Day With Fulfill Ribbons!

A Lot’s Of Love For You!

Make Your Choice with Ribbon:

1. Hair Bows
2. TuTu
3. Wedding Decor
4. Candles

Ribbons Can Be Used for All Kinds Of Decorations and Occasions. If You Want to Enhance Your Events, You Will Must Take for Ribbon Decorations. Variety of ribbons are waiting for you #FuzzyFabric


You Don’t Know How Loved You Make Me Feel!

How to Make a Fancy Bag?

You will need:

1. Tinted Paper
2. Satin Ribbon
3. Scissors and Glue
4. Pencil and Eraser
5. Decoration Material


1. Cut square from the colored tinted Sheet ( Side=40cm )
2. Divide the Square as per the given measurements
3. Cut off the Shaded Portions
4. Fold the flaps on either side
5. Cut two equal pieces from the Satin Ribbon & Stick them to the other two sides.
6. Fold all the four sides of the bag, such that they stand upright. Paste the flaps to the other two sides.
7. Decorate all the four sides of the paper bag.
8. Your Fancy Bag is ready.

Fancy Bag

Custom Table Linens for Your Various Needs

Table linen which is also known as Table Cloth protects the table from damages and also gives a pleasant appearance to the table. It brings elegant appearance to your dining space.

Protect and decorate your tables with the help of table linens. Table linens can be customized based on the user’s requirement in which everything can be made according to how you need it. Table linens can be made in any type of cloths like Satin, Polyester and Nylon and so on.

Custom Table Linens will be perfect for specific occasions. It adds extra fun to your celebration if you use custom table linens which match your party theme and in the same color of other decorative items.

Choose the required table lines from the variety of ready-made fabrics like Square Table linens, Rectangle Table Linens, Round Table linens and so on. Sometimes these ready-made table linens will not fit for your tables. We can get only a pre-defined sizes in standard table cloths therefore it is better you can go with Custom Table linens.

Size of the table linen plays a major role as it gives shape to the table.  But in recent days tables are made of different sizes therefore choosing a best fit table line for a table is a difficult task. Customized table cloths will be the best solution for this problem you can arrange these cloths perfectly on your table and also place draping in required lengths. You will have enough cloths to cover 4 sides or 3 sides for a table based on your need.

You can bring any kind of look and feel to your party space ranging from classic look to stylish look. It is available in any size, color and length you have to use your imagination and creative thoughts to bring more pleasing appearance to the table linen and use in a stylish manner over the table.

It is economically profitable to use customized linen cloths instead of ready-made one. You can use other table accessories like table runners, table overlays, chair sashes, place mats, napkins etc., in the same color or design of table linens and make it more amazing.

No need to worry whether the table linen will fit for your tables, you can display these customized table cloths for any kind of tables. Only thing you need to keep in mind is the type of fabric whether you are using satin or nylon or any other fabric. You can use custom table linen in the wedding celebrations where the name of bride and groom can be imprinted on the table linens so that it will embellish the dining space.

It can be widely used for businesses on which they can print their business logo, slogans, and personalized messages in these table linens. Organizations use this type of table linen during the exhibitions, trade shows, business meetings, conferences and product launch functions to promote their products and services.

Custom table linen is a multipurpose table cloth where it can be used for events, party celebrations, hotels, point of sale displays, businesses and even for regular home usage.


Fuzzy Fabric: A Go-To Resource for DIY Wedding

Preparing all your wedding favors by yourselves is a thrilling and interesting experience. DIY Wedding gives such an experience to every bride and groom. It provides a better platform to showcase your creativeness and also to save huge money. Fuzzy Fabric will be a best partner for your Wedding supplies and match all the fabric needs.

Tulle Fabric:



Use budget friendly Tulle in your wedding for decorations. Using Tulles for wedding decorations is a smart way for DIY wedding which adds extra fun and romance to your wedding. You can use tulles to make wedding arches, aisles, decorate chairs and other wedding spaces. You can design your own wedding dress by using Tulle fabric. Fuzzy Fabric contain tulle in several varieties and colors, it comes in rolls, bolts and circles therefore you can order tulles in required lengths.




Ribbons play a major role in floral arrangements, making bows. It allows you to make customized products for your wedding celebrations like favor boxes, bridal accessories, cake decorations, car ribbons, personalized ribbon for all favors and much more. We have ribbons in all fabrics like Grosgrain Ribbons, Organza Ribbons and Satin Ribbons which comes in extensive array of colors and designs.

Mesh Wraps:

Floral Mesh

Floral Mesh

Mesh Wraps can turn a plain space into an amazing wedding celebration venue within few minutes. Meshes are available in different color variations choose the appropriate color which matches your wedding theme. You can make amazing arches & aisles, beautiful bows, charming chair sashes and arrange flowers and garlands using Mesh Wraps. Wedding dress made of Floral Mesh will look stunning and adorn you as a gorgeous angel in your wedding day.

Wedding Supplies:

Wedding Accessory

Wedding Accessory

Fuzzy Fabric contains huge collection of wedding supplies such as Flower Girl Baskets, Flower Petals, Wedding Pens, Bridal Garters, Gift Bags, Ring Bearer Pillows, Wedding Candles & Holders, and Guest Book and so on. You can embellish all these wedding supplies with the help of other fabrics like ribbons, mesh, tulles.

Themed Wedding:

Themed Wedding

Themed Wedding

One of the recent trends in wedding celebration is themed wedding. If you are planning for a wedding theme but terrified of its expenditure then we bring a best solution for your budget theme based wedding. Fuzzy fabric offers all the supplies needed for any wedding theme in terms of color or concept.

You can make all the wedding favors using our fabrics. If you’re animal lovers, we have all the fabrics such as animal printed ribbons, animal print pouches, animal print tulles, animal print chair sashes etc., to showcase your creativity thoughts. Similarly we have all the fabrics in wide range of colors therefore surely you will find complete fabrics in your wedding theme color.

You can find all the materials for your DIY wedding in our online store at an affordable price. We offer high premium quality fabrics at a wholesale price, we have own direct manufacturing unit where all our materials are made by best innovative minds. You can create several new decorative items and surprise your guests with these fabrics.

Have a full planning of your DIY Wedding and celebrate the event with Fuzzy Fabric.

How to Size Table Skirts for Round Tables?

Table Skirting is a wonderful way to complement your drapes and give a pleasant appearance to your wedding and party spaces. You can emphasize the significance of event tables such as Wedding Cake tables, Buffet tables and trade show tables with the help of table skirts.



Table skirts come in different colors and fabrics which give a beautiful look to your tables and also protect it from damages. You can dress up table with table skirts to match the party theme.

Get rid of the worries about which table skirts will fit your table. You can easily design a personalized table skirts for your celebrations. Before buying the materials, calculate the skirt needed for your round table. Generally,

  • 4ft Round table requires 13ft of Skirting
  • 5ft Round table requires 16ft of Skirting
  • 6ft Round table requires 19 ft of Skirting

And also you can calculate the Skirting using a simple formula ” Multiply Table Size by 3.14 and divide it by 12, finally round off to next 6″ increment “.

First measure the diameter of your round table and the table drop (overhang length). Standard height of every table will be 29″ from the ground. Apply these measures in the formula to get the required skirting size.

Please remember that the size of skirting should be 1″ shorter than the table height in order to have a pleasant hanging. And also skirting length should not exceed 24 feet to achieve an easy handling and cleaning.

Table skirts can be easily attached to the table with the help of table clips. Use one clip for each foot of skirting. Table toppers in the same fabric as table skirts will bring an additional elegance to the table.

10 Steps to Planning Your Wedding

planning wedding

Planning Your Wedding:

  • Get Engaged
  • Book venue and choose the date
  • Share the great news with all!
  • Find your perfect dress, suit and accessories(Click Here to find the Wedding Dress Fabric Supplier)
  • Choose your theme and Decorations
  • Make and Send out the invitations
  • Book music, photographer, cakes, caterer and flowers
  • Get showered with love & fun
  • Find your old, new, borrowed & blue
  • Relax and enjoy your big day!

Source: Aliciasinfinity.com

Ribbon Hoop Decor

Ribbon Hoop Deco


Resources wanted:

  • Strips of fabric,
  • Hula-hoop,
  • Scissors

Step One:
Cut your fabric into 2 inch x 40 inch – 48 inch strips.
Step Two:
Crease a strip of material in half, lay it under the hoop and then turn over the bend of the strip over the hoop. Pull the two loose strips through, tightening as you drag.
Step Three:
Carry on all the way around, until you have enough fabric strips to wrap the hula-hoop.
Step Four:
Shakeout & flat the fabric ribbons down, & hang.


Source: ohhappyday